Program News

Announcements, milestones, event summaries, and other items of interest to the Penn community including program newsletters and coverage in University publications.

NOTE: All news items carry issue dates. While they remain informative, some details, especially those involving personnel or the timing of Pennant Records and Pennant Aid, may have changed. Check dates mentioned in older news items against current sources.

  • NGSS System Deployment Update: On March 19th, 2020, the NGSS program team has decided to delay the deployment of new Pennant systems by one year. March 19, 2020: Read more

  • December NGSS Update: Curriculum Manager implementation; upcoming system testing; Pennant’s user experience. December 9, 2019 Read more

  • Curriculum Manager now available: NGSS and the Office of the Registrar announce release of Curriculum Manager (CM), the standard application for modifying, tracking, and approving new and existing courses and programs at Penn. August 28, 2019 Read more

  • New Catalog now available: NGSS and the Office of the Registrar announce release of the new edition of the University Catalog that will serve as a single source of information about all academic programs at Penn. May 28, 2019  Read more

  • April NGSS Update: New Catalog program filter; first Pennant registration term; Curriculum Manager benefits. April 11, 2019  Read more

  • February NGSS Update: How a course enters the curriculum; spring (data) cleaning; focus moves to the build phase for release 1. February 4, 2019  Read more

  • December NGSS Update: Students find value in University Catalog; sponsor’s welcome; stakeholder impact assessment; concurrent transformation initiatives. December 3, 2018  Read more

  • NGSS Re-planning Completed, Design Begun: In July, 2018, the NGSS program completed a redefinition of scope, timeframe, and budget for Pennant Records and Pennant Aid. September 28, 2018  Read more

  • Launch of the Expanded University Catalog: The revised and updated Catalog, now including Ph.D. and research masters programs and policies, went live on May 21. Almanac, July 17, 2018

  • Next phase of University Catalog: Overview, update, and FAQ about expanding coverage to graduate and professional programs.
    October, 2017  Read more

  • Taking a Fresh Look: Penn team works with Deloitte to re-imagine financial aid business processes. August 14, 2017  Read more

  • Undergraduate Catalog Launches: NGSS and the Office of the Registrar announce the first release of the pilot University Catalog. Almanac, May 30, 2017