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NGSS Leadership

As a complex, multi-year, transformational effort, the Next Generation Student Systems program benefits from an engaged leadership team drawn from Penn's senior staff and experienced consulting partners:

Executive Sponsors

Executive sponsors are Penn leaders who commissioned the program for the University. Sponsors have both the responsibility and authority to provide funding for the program.

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MaryFrances McCourt

Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

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Thomas H. Murphy

Vice President, Information Systems and Computing and University CIO

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Beth A. Winkelstein, Ph.D

Vice Provost for Education

Executive Owners

Executive owners are committed to the successful completion of the project and are ultimately responsible for its implementation and ongoing integration.

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Jeanne Curtis

Executive Director of Application and Information Services, Information Systems and Computing

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David Ishmael

Executive Director, Financial Systems and Training, Division of Finance

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Rob Nelson

Executive Director for Academic and Technology Planning, Office of the Provost

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Matt Sessa

Executive Director, Student Registration and Financial Services

Program and Project Managers

Program and project managers are responsible to the owners for progress including schedules, milestones, deliverables, and costs. They monitor and coordinate the teams’ work and lead team efforts to identify all program-related business decisions and recommend appropriate action. They also act as chief liaisons and arbitrators among technical, functional, and infrastructure groups.

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Bryan Sippel

Program Manager

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Sabrina Cooper

Training Project Manager

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Salmana Diallo

Change Management Project Manager

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Gerald Lao

Technical Project Manager

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Deb Long

User Experience Project Manager

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Sal Loria

Financial Aid Project Manager

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Glenn Van Agten

Records Project Manager

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Randy Wooding

Testing Project Manager