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Program Overview

The Next Generation Student System (NGSS) program is deploying modern, flexible technology to advance Penn's missions of teaching, research, and service. The University's decentralized structure, along with the interdisciplinary strength that distinguishes Penn among its peers, demands core student information systems and work processes that facilitate collaboration across units, streamline administrative processes, and provide robust and friendly self-service capabilities. The NGSS program is deploying the Pennant suite of systems: Pennant Accounts, Pennant Records, and Pennant Aid.

In late 2015, the NGSS program launched the first full release in its Pennant suite of systems: Pennant Accounts.

Pennant Accounts comprises the core student-profile, the accounts-receivable application, and a new Data Warehouse collection. The foundational software is based on Ellucian’s Banner technology, which is replacing Penn’s Student Records System (SRS). Through this technological transformation, Pennant Accounts will help staff provide better service, help Schools and Centers make better decisions, and helps Penn make a greater impact.

Following the deployment of Pennant Accounts in 2015, the NGSS program is now focused on Pennant Records and Pennant Aid. Pennant Records will modernize student academic records and registration processes, and Pennant Aid will support Penn’s leadership in making an unsurpassed education accessible regardless of need.

Hundreds of members of the Penn community have already contributed to the NGSS program's transformational advancements in Penn’s student-related electronic infrastructure. Work continues with an active team of more than sixty participants. The program's accelerating momentum testifies to the creativity and commitment of collaborators across campus and beyond.

The graphics below provide a visual overview of the program: