Please reach out to the team with any questions or concerns related to the NGSS Current Systems Freeze period by emailing NGSS_FREEZE_CR@LISTS.UPENN.EDU.

NGSS Current Systems Freeze Overview

The NGSS project is implementing a Current Systems Freeze period beginning on January 1, 2021 and lasting the remainder of the project until Early 2023.


Why implement a Current Systems Freeze period?

  • In support of NGSS system implementation efforts, the project needs to limit changes to current systems that would impact the Release 1 and 2 functionality.
  • See the Impacted Current Systems section below for list of systems included in the freeze period.

Scope and Types of Changes

  • Exceptions to the freeze period will be made for known regulatory changes and those identified on the Academic Calendar.

System Change Policy Change Data/Transaction Change
  • Enhancements, third party changes, business processes, including any activity outside the NGSS project to current systems that can impact NGSS work.
  • Example: Adding a field to a SRS screen
  • Requesting to change the data within a defined system.
  • Example: New or changes to courses, degrees, majors and minors

Impacted Current Systems

The following current systems are included in the freeze period as changes to these systems would impact NGSS Release 1 and 2 functionality.

Student Records Financial Aid Student Accounts
  • Advising@Penn
  • Courses@Penn
  • Path@Penn
  • Pennant Records
  • Advisor InTouch (AIT)
  • BP Logix – Workflow
  • Courses InTouch (CIT)
  • Curriculum Manager (CM)
  • External Course Approval Tool (XCAT) - SAS
  • Graduate Admissions Data Warehouse Collection
  • Penn InTouch (PIT)
  • Slate
  • SRS
  • Student Data Warehouse
  • University Catalog
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Blackbaud
  • CollegeNet
  • FA Data Warehouse
  • Needs Analyzer
  • Penn Loan System (PLS)
  • Pennant Grad Funding
  • Slate
  • Student Aid Management (SAM)
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Pennant Accounts
  • Pennant Feeder Application
  • Pennant Plus
  • Tuition Calc
  • Integrations with other systems



Updated 6.13.22