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NGSS Team Roster

Name Track Role
Adam Sherr Records Lead SME - Planning, Advising, Degree Audit
AJ Jordan Records SME - Cross Functional
Alain Flores PMO Program Manager
Alex Finfer PMO Program Coordinator
Ali Syed Technical Banner Database Administrator
Ammar Naqvi PMO PMO Resource Management
Amy Staab Records Financial Aid Cross Functional Integration Lead
Amynah Mithani Records Student Records Consultant
Anusha KommaReddy Technical Tech Developer
Ashley Thompson Records Stream Lead - Academic Structure
B Wiscount Financial Aid SME - Grad Funding
Beth A. Winkelstein Program Leadership Program Sponsor
Beth Cairns Financial Aid SME - Institutional Methodology
Bill Branan Technical Reporting Lead
Bill Ramirez Technical Stream Lead - Infrastructure
Bryan Sippel Records Records Project Manager
Calvin Coleman Records SME - Student Records
Chris Hyzer Technical Security Lead
Dave Ishmael Program Leadership Program Owner
David Thiel Technical Security Analyst
Dawn Murray Records Transcript Design Analyst
Deb Long Records Student Records Cross Functional Integration Lead
Dimaggio Taylor-Reid PMO Documentation Analyst
Elaine Varas Program Advising Program Advisor, Financial Aid Project Advisor
Elvira Cruz Financial Aid SME - Grad Processing
Eric Cole Financial Aid SME - Tracking/Verification
Estha Venter Technical Conversion Developer
Felipe Sozinho PMO Documentation Analyst
Gary Davis Financial Aid Ellucian FA Consultant
George Atkins Catalog/Curriculum Management Business Analyst
Gerald Lao Technical Technical Project Manager
Gloria Kropiewnicki Financial Aid SME - Reconciliation
Gurdhanpreet Sohi PMO PMO Resource Management
Gwen Randolph Records SME - Fee Assessment
Hemal Bhat Technical Tech Developer
Ishtiaq Ahmad Records Functional Architect
Isobel Thompson Technical Program Advisor, Technical Project Advisor
Jacob Jones Records Systems Analyst
Janis Ketcher Financial Aid Analyst
Javier Diaz Technical OutsSystems Developer
Jeanne Curtis Program Leadership Program Owner
Jen Canose Catalog/Curriculum Management Catalog/Curriculum Management Project Manager
Jim Fenningham Catalog/Curriculum Management  Catalog/Curriculum Management Testing Specialist
Jing Ding Technical Infrastructure Team Manager
John Goerke Records SME - Banner (Personal Information: BioDemo)
John Rudolph Financial Aid SME - Student Employment
Kate Wilson Financial Aid Stream Lead - Financial Aid
Kathy Higgins Records/Catalog/Curriculum Management Catalog Team Functional Lead (Registrar)
Katie McGuinness PMO Documentation Analyst
Lisa Malone Records SME - Banner (Section/Registration)
Lisa McBriar Records User Interface Lead
Lourdes Brolly Technical Technical Team Analyst
Lynne Wagner Records Information System Analyst
Mallikarjunarao Gurram Technical Tech Developer
Margaret Kip Program Advising Program Advisor, Records Project Advisor
Martin Haenick Change Management Change Management Project Manager
MaryFrances McCourt Program Leadership Program Sponsor
Matt Sessa Program Leadership Program Owner
Meghan Mahony Records SME - Infosilem (Scheduling)
Michael Borokovsky Technical Banner Database Administrator
Michael Peterson Catalog/Curriculum Management Assistant Registrar
Michele Maloney Records SME - Banner (Academic Structure)
Michele Tuohy Catalog/Curriculum Management Assistant Registrar
Michelle Marion Technical Conversions Lead
Milena Mengestab Records Curriculum Analyst
MJ Caro Records Ellucian Consultant
Mohan Pentakota Technical Tech Developer
Nancy Bercich Technical Conversion Developer
Nic Romanazzi Technical Stream Lead - Architecture
Nicolas Ortiz Rojas Technical Tech Developer
Norm Rahn Financial Aid Financial Aid Analyst
Paul Richards Program Advising Program Advisor, Training/Communications Advisor
Rahul Tappetla Technical Tech Developer
Randall Couch Change Management Communications Contributor
Reshma Reddy Chintakunti Technical Tech Developer
Revanth Velagapudi Technical Tech Developer
Rob Nelson Program Leadership Program Owner
Rob Tisot Program Advising Program Advisor, Financial Aid Project Advisor
Sabrina Cooper Change Management Training Lead
Sai Prasad Reddy Pininti Technical Tech Developer
Sal Loria Financial Aid Financial Aid Project Manager
Salmana Diallo Change Management Communications Lead
Sam Bozarth PMO Program Budget and Support Analyst
Samantha Shevitz PMO Documentation Analyst
Sarah Rudy Financial Aid Financial Aid Analyst
Sharon Pepe Financial Aid SME - Loans
Stephanie Brocklehurst Financial Aid SME - Packaging/ Disbursement
Sudharani Kandagatia Technical Tech Developer
Susan Collins Technical Data Profiler
Susan Johnson Records DegreeWorks Ellucian Project Manager 
Tamara Duffy Records Stream Lead - Course, Section, Room Sched., Registration, External Credit
Tammy Bash Records SME - Banner (Academic History)
Tim Bouffard Technical Development Lead
Tom Murphy Program Leadership Program Sponsor
Victoria Eiland Records Information System Analyst
Vince Romano Catalog/Curriculum Management Catalog/Curriculum Management Tech Lead 
Wendy Williams PMO Project Manager